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Functional Polyester Yarn

Functional Polyester Yarn

Dope dyed profiled moisture absorption and sweat discharge yarn

It doesn’t require any dyeing process, and possess gorgeous colors and excellent color fastness.It has high surface area and wicking capacity by changing the shape of fiber section. These technologies could discharge the sweat to the surface of fabric and keep skin comfortable and dry.

Application fields: sportswearoutdoor clothingunderwearshirt and T-shirt,et.al.


Dope dyed anti-UV yarn

Also known as light resistance yarn. It has the ability to resist ultraviolet, can protect the body from ultraviolet radiation damage. The color of the fiber is rich, complete in specifications, 500 hours of strength of more than 60%. And the fabric feels soft and brightly colored

Application fields: beach umbrellaball capcurtainquilt


Dope dyed negative oxygen ion yarn

The air pollution is more and more serious; people desire to live in a clean environment, so pay more attention to the connotation of textile. The health, comfort, safety, environmental protection and the negative oxygen ion fiber came into being. This product can produce negative oxygen ion dynamic is greater than 6000 /m2, negative ions and particles in the air (such as haze, dust and other pollutants), virus and so on, can make the particle agglomeration, settlement, so that the virus disease, and purification of air dust, odor, sterilization, air bring livable environment for you.

Applications fields: underwear, bedding, carpets, sofas, curtains, cloth and other health textiles


Dope dyed fine cool feeling yarn

This product uses nano natural ore as raw material, with intrinsic cool properties. Yarn was designed with special cross section shape and fine denier, which can created great wicking effect to absorb moisture and release sweat. Sweat created on the surface of skin could be export to outside by the cool feeling yarn, and this determined the moisture absorption, sweat releasing and cool feeling properties of cool feeling yarn. It will be your micro air-condition that ensures you enjoy the cool feeling in summer.

Application fields: T-ShirtFabrics et.al.


Dope dyed fancy multi-color yarn

There could be different colors in this multi-filament. You can image a beautiful scene and all kinds of fantastic garments from it. Moreover, it has the outstanding tenacity, elasticity, light Resistance and solvent resistance, it could be used in all fields directly.

Application fields: FabricsShining RibbonsSweater and Curtain


Dope dyed profiled polyester monofilament

This product is made of PET blended with high performance polyester and inorganic nano material. It has many special-shaped sections such as tribal and so on. It has high strength (2-8cN/ dtex), low elongation at break, stable geometric dimension and low boiling water shrinkage. It is hard to deform under high temperature. Woven fabric made from this monofilament has high dimensional uniformity and needn’t dyeing.

Application fields: Luxury window screensievemesh cloth et.al.


Dope dyed antibacterial ecological yarn

The antibacterial fibers containing silver nanoparticles can kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aurous of various microorganisms, prevent odor generation, can adsorption of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, VOC and other harmful gases, has antibacterial, antibacterial effect (antibacterial rate: Escherichia coli >99%, Staphylococcus aurous >99%), widely used in textile products, underwear, sweaters and other health protection, especially the elderly, pregnant women and infant clothing.

Application fields: CushionTowelSocksUnderwearSportswearhome Textile et.al.


Dope dyed fire-retardant yarn

A new fire-retardant technology was used in this polyester fiber, which remains the original outstanding physical properties of polyester fiber, and improves its fire-retardant (flame retardant =0 s, limited oxygen index = 34.6%), heat insulation, anti-static properties and decreases the fire resistance of melt drip as well. Good performance in preventing flame spread, smoke release, durability and safety. It has all the properties of natural fiber with moisture, soft feel, environmental protection, comfortable, bright dyeing and so on.

Application fields: Carpets, cushions, curtains, bedding, cloth et.al.

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